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What Is Endoscopic Technology?
Jul 20, 2018

Since the endoscopic technology has been widely used in cosmetic surgery, plastic surgeons have become more and more powerful, and plastic surgery technology has reached an unprecedented height. Endoscopic technology involved in plastic surgery began in the mid-1990s, and after its many advantages appeared, it swept the whole of Europe and America. In recent years, a few hospitals in China have also started some endoscopically guided operations. Its rapid development is entirely due to its obvious advantages, that is, with the aid of endoscopes and special surgical instruments, traditional needs Surgery with a large incision can be done with a small wound. Not only reduces the trauma of the operation, but also increases the accuracy and safety of the operation, so that the patient's acceptance of the surgery is greatly improved.

An endoscope is an optical instrument consisting of a cold light source lens, a fiber optic wire, an image transmission system, a screen display system, etc., which can expand the surgical field of view. The outstanding features of the endoscope are that the surgical incision is small, the scar of the incision is not obvious, the postoperative reaction is light, the bleeding, bruising and swelling time can be greatly reduced, and the recovery is also faster than the traditional operation, which is very consistent with the requirements of beauty surgery without leaving marks.

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