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Medical Device Puncture Needle
Jul 20, 2018

Application: It is mainly used in minimally invasive surgery. The combination of the puncture needle and other medical equipment can directly reach the pain point and eliminate the pain of the patient. It is an indispensable medical device in the hospital. Can be used for the treatment of disc puncture, joint puncture, muscle pain puncture, drug injection, etc.

Classification: Thoracic puncture needle, pleural biopsy needle, common bladder fistula needle, skin biopsy needle, two-handle nine-head pipette, spring biopsy needle, multi-function bladder fistula drainage needle, side biopsy needle, 3-1 bladder Puncture needle

Identify good or bad

1. Is the puncture needle incision smooth?

2. Whether the puncture needle has burrs.

Generally good puncture needles, the incisions are relatively smooth, and the surface is free of burrs. This puncture needle is better to use, the needle is fast, and the patient has no pain.

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