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Laparoscopic Surgery Complications
Jul 20, 2018

The common complications of laparoscopic surgery are some of the complications that may be encountered throughout the laparoscopic surgical spectrum. These complications are not limited to a certain laparoscopic procedure. According to the reasons for its occurrence, it can be roughly divided into the following two categories:

First, the unique complications of laparoscopic surgery. Such complications are only seen in laparoscopic surgery, but not in traditional procedures. The main types of complications are:

1 complications associated with pneumoperitoneum. Such as hypercapnia, subcutaneous emphysema, gas embolism, etc.;

2 complications related to abdominal puncture. Such as intra-abdominal cavity or substantial organ injury, retroperitoneal large vessel injury, etc., the puncture hole that is removed through the puncture hole should also be attributed to such complications;

3 Laparoscopic surgical instruments have defects in performance or improper use, such as biliary ischemic stenosis caused by electrothermal injury, and perforation of hollow organs caused by the "skin effect" of high-frequency current.

Second, the traditional complications of laparoscopic surgery. Such complications are essentially consistent with the complications of traditional surgery, but the causes, chances, severity, treatment, and outcomes are different, such as incisions and intra-abdominal infections, postoperative tumors. Intra-abdominal or abdominal wall implantation, biliary tract injury, postoperative bleeding, etc.

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