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Endoscope Classification
Jul 20, 2018

From the application side, the simple ones can be divided into two categories, namely industrial endoscopes and medical endoscopes.

The types of industrial endoscopes are classified into optical endoscopes, fiberoptic endoscopes, electronic endoscopes, CCD video endoscopes, CMOS video endoscopes, and electric 360° endoscopes. From the type of endoscope light source, it is divided into high frequency fluorescent lamp endoscope, fiber optic halogen lamp endoscope, and LED endoscope.

About the classification of medical endoscopes, according to their development

Electric 360° endoscope with wireless video Product Image

Electric 360° endoscope with wireless video Product Picture (3 photos)

  And imaging structure classification: can be roughly divided into three categories: hard tube endoscope, optical fiber (hose) endoscope and electronic endoscope.

There are many different types of medical examination endoscopes, and the classification methods are different. Generally speaking, the following three classification methods are generally used. In terms of market sales, the most widely used categories are classified into hard mirrors and elastic soft mirrors in terms of clinical changes.

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