Three advantages of endoscopic breast augmentation
Jul 20, 2018

Safety: The operation process is carried out under endoscopic direct vision without bleeding or damage, avoiding various complications such as fiber contracture, breast sclerosis, distorted discoloration, hematoma, paresthesia, infection, etc., and does not affect breastfeeding and fertility.

Nature: The breast augmentation material is completely injected into a complete cavity that is separated from the posterior space of the breast. It does not penetrate and deform, and it is easy to remove, enlarge or reduce, making the breast naturally natural, more round and full.

Minimally invasive: through a minimally invasive incision, the postoperative recovery is fast and the trauma is minimally difficult to detect.

This operation uses an endoscope to reflect the condition inside the incision on the screen. In the case of direct vision, tissue separation and hemostasis can be avoided, thereby avoiding damage to nerves and blood vessels, thereby making breast milk safer and more reliable. In addition, since the endoscopic breast augmentation surgery peels off a safe lumen in the posterior space of the breast, the implanted prosthetic material remains only in this lumen, and does not penetrate into the breast tissue like the injection method. Endoscopic breast augmentation surgery is quick and safe, and the body's own breast tissue is well melted with the material, without any rejection, does not affect breastfeeding, has no side effects, and the shape of the endoscopic breast augmentation is realistic and feels good. , fat and long lasting.

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