Preparation for endoscopic wrinkle removal
Jul 20, 2018

1, avoid smoking, avoid alcohol, etc. before surgery.

2, wash the head once a day for 3 days before the operation; clean the facial skin and hair very well, and need to partially shave the hair and weave the small sputum on the day of the cosmetic surgery within two days before the operation to facilitate the operation.

3, the night before the endoscopic wrinkle surgery can take appropriate sleeping pills, sedative, painkillers should be applied half an hour before surgery, according to the anesthesia, decide whether you need to fast.

4. The size of the surgeon, the time, the steps, the degree of pain, the speed of recovery, the possible effects, possible risks, and psychological preparations.

5, carry out routine physical health checks to ensure that there are no heart, lung, liver, blood and other medical diseases.

6. It is forbidden to take drugs that increase the risk of surgery, such as aspirin, vitamin E, and heparin, within 1-2 weeks before surgery.

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