Precautions after endoscopic wrinkle removal
Jul 20, 2018

Generally, the endoscope should be wrapped after wrinkle removal, and there is a drainage strip. In one to three days, it is necessary to change the dressing according to the situation. After the endoscopic surgery, wrinkle and rest in the head position for three days, it is better to adopt the semi-recumbent position. Blood flow back to the face and face, reducing local swelling and pain. Within three days, the cold compress can be used to reduce swelling; after three days, the hot compress promotes recovery. According to the postoperative condition of the subject, it is decided whether to take antibiotics and take time. The operation is usually 6-7 days of suture removal, and it is strictly forbidden to laugh or make big expression movements within 10 days.

In addition, the skin in the back of the surgery will have different degrees of swelling, and even cyanosis will appear, usually disappear within 10 days, and facial edema will recover for 2-3 weeks or longer. At the beginning of the operation, the skin in the face and scalp may become numb and dull, and there may be a feeling of abnormality such as ant feeling or running water in the future. This change in feeling can generally return to normal in about 3 months. Since the skin of the operation area is reduced in sebaceous glands and sweat glands after surgery, it is necessary to use skin nutrients to protect the facial skin after the suture removal, so as to keep it moist. There may be mild asymmetry on the left and right sides of the face after surgery, and it can be restored to normal after repairing the skin and soft tissue within 1-2 months. After the operation, the swelling will disappear after disappearing, and the effect will be best after 3-4 months. Indications for endoscopic wrinkle removal: skin loosening or wrinkles, deep lines, rhinoplasty of the nose, sagging skin, crow's feet and intractable eye contours, eyebrows (chuanzi lines), etc.

Endoscopic wrinkle removal method steps: Endoscopic wrinkle removal mainly uses endoscope monitoring system and endoscope-specific wrinkle removal device, through the small incision in the scalp, pulls the drooping tissue upward, and then uses the titanium nail Wait for the latest materials to reattach the facial drooping tissue.

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